Bukit Teletubbies Nusa Penida is Nusa Penida's one-day tour destination that amaze many people. When following the package tour Nusa Penida cheap, it will not run out of attractions. There are beach tours there are also cliff tours and there is also an amazing hill tour. Well, teletubbies hill is one of them that provides the best atmosphere above the height of Nusa Penida Island. Many people go there everyday, both for taking pictures and observing the scenery around.

Called Teletubbies Hill is not a reason, it is because the hill is like a hill home teletubbies. Tahukan Teletubbies is a children's 90s animated film starring 4 characters named Tinky Wingky, Dipsy, Lala and Po it? It used to be a very famous movie that still adhered dipikiran many people until now. Although not Nusa Penida snorkeling spot, but you must visit! Here's why!


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